$54.95 USD

Jescar Ultra Lock+ is a created from innovated polymer chemistry and added extra durability. Not only that, but Jescar Ultra Lock+ is also filled with hydrophobic properties thanks to ceramic SiO2 technology. Jescar Ultra Lock+ is the perfect solution for paint protection and high gloss. Jescar Ultra Lock+ is easily applied and can last for up to six months of protection.

If you're looking for durability, protection and hydrophobicity then look no further than Jescar Ultra Lock+. Jescar Ultra Lock+ contains ceramic SiO2 technology which means extreme hydrophobicity. This hydrophobicity allows for water to bead up and roll off the surface rather than sticking around and collecting contaminants. This SiO2 technology also provides a deep, high glossy appearance as well as a super slick surface.

Jescar Ultra Lock+ has a super easy and fast application process and provides up to six months of protection. This protection will protect against harmful UV rays and environmental contamination. You can apply Jescar Ultra+ by hand or by machine, and a second layer can be applied for even great protection. If adding two layers, allow for three hours in between applications.