$399.95 USD

The FLEX PXE 80 12-EC is the most versatile cordless polisher detail kit for all your paint correction and restoration. It has a “turn and pop” quick-change design so you can easily switch backing plates with no tools needed. And its small size is perfect for edges and tight spaces — all while delivering smooth results fast. Use a FLEX mini polisher to remove orange peel, water spots, scratches, tar and much more.

Smooth and Shine with our FLEX Kit

Even if you’ve never polished or sanded a vehicle, this professional kit will help you get started. The polishing tool comes with 3mm and 12mm random orbital polishing adapters that are beginner-friendly for paint and defect correction, spot sanding and finishing. There’s also a rotary polishing adapter for more advanced polishing and hologram removal.

Other FLEX PXE 80 accessories include three backing plates, two batteries, a 12V charger and a carry bag. Each 2.5-amp battery can run for up to 50 minutes, and with the intelligent battery indicator, you always know how much charge is left. When the current battery runs out of juice, you can switch while charging the other battery so there’s barely an interruption.

Portable Automotive Polishing

The flexibility of the FLEX PXE80 goes beyond the types of polishing you can do — it’s designed to go anywhere. Work in your driveway or bring the kit to a customer’s home for mobile detailing jobs. The carry bag also helps you stay organized in the shop. Watch our videos below to learn more about using the FLEX 80 for a complete polishing and sanding solution.