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Tungsten Ceramic™ protects the beauty of your car with our new ultimate nano-ceramic coating.

 Ardex Tungsten™ is a marvel of modern chemical engineering. In lab testing, it has shown exceptional hardness, scoring a top-rated 9H on the most commonly used international standard for paint and coating hardness. This compares with factory-applied polyurethane clear coats, which typically only have a hardness score of up to 4H. This means a relatively soft abrasive can mar the finish. Tungesten Ceramic™ is extremely durable; its demonstrated lab impact resistance is as high as 80 pounds. This all adds up to years of faithful protection for your vehicle.

Ceramic Coatings cannot be applied at the factory. The surface prep work to produce a perfect finish that will be trapped under an immutable coating is simply too time consuming for an assembly line production facility. Ardex Tungsten Ceramic™ must be applied by hand by a trained automotive detailing professional to ensure aesthetic and functional durability for the years to come.

 Tungsten Ceramic™ is a free-flowing liquid that polymerizes to a solid, bonding permanently to the vehicle. Tungsten Ceramic™ becomes another layer of protection for the paint, insulating the softer factory clear coat for years to come. Tungsten Ceramic will not wear off like wax or paint sealant. 

Prior to application, your car's original clear coat is professionally prepped to achieve the highest and most perfect surface possible, far beyond factory finish. It is then covered up with up to 5 layers of Tungesten Ceramic™. When the coating cures, it will be more than three times harder than the factory finish, while retaining the ability to flex and resist road vibration to match the underlying substrate. 


Tungesten Ceramic™ protects against: 



  • BUGS



  • SALT





...and because it is hydrophobic, water beads beautifully and rolls off the surface. Tungsten Ceramic has been tested extensively by independent laboratories of the toughest conditions, successfully passing hardness, abrasive, shock, and thermal stress tests. 


Tungsten Ceramic™ was formulated by Ardex Laboratories, a leading manufacturer since 1949, of coatings and waxes exclusively for professional automotive detailers. Tungsten's symbol is the wolf, which recalls the original name for this extremely strong metal - Wolfram (German for wolf). It was given this name in 1747 due to its ability to devour all other metals during refining. 


Key Features of Tungsten Ceramic™:

  • Bonds permanently to the clear coat; cannot wear off like wax or sealant. 

  • Cures to a finish harder than any other competing ceramic coating, yet has greater elasticity and malleability. 

  • Like a coat of armor, protects against everything; minor scratches, bugs acid rain, salt, etc...

  • Up to 5 layers may be applied, for maximum durability and lifespan. Extensively tested by independent labs, successfully passing the toughest hardness, abrasive, shock, and thermal stress tests

  • Can be covered by a third party warranty backed by a highly rated insurance carrier


Layers Applied - Lifespan

  • 1 layer - Up to 2 years

  • 2 layers - Up to 5 years

  • 3 Layers - Up to 10 years

  • 4 Layers - Up to 15 years

  • 5 Layers - 15+ years


Tungsten Ceramic by Ardex Labs comes packaged in a kit with everything necessary for applying the coating. Package contents include:

  • 50ml bottle

  • Suede towel

  • Foam applicator

  • Stickers for labeling vehicle as "treated with Tungsten Ceramic"