Triple foam is a high foaming, super concentrated car washing agent. Triple foam produces vibrant colors that will continue to loosen and help release dirt without stripping the wax shine and will not spot glass or trim. Triple foam will leave the car looking bright and clean. It is completely biodegradable. Use with red, yellow, and blue for best display.


Key Features:

  • Highly concentrated
  • Extreme foam
  • Spot-free rinsing

Ardex Tri-Color Foamer, Blue

SKU: 5253
  • Designed for automatic machine applications. Dilute as follows: 1/3 to 1/2 oz. per gallon of warm water. Can be diluted up to 240:1. Note: THE CONCENTRATE OF THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS A HIGH LEVEL OF DYE WHICH CAN STAIN MOST SURFACES. KEEP AWAY FROM SKIN AND EYES. DO NOT PUT CONCENTRATE ON VEHICLES. HANDLE WITH CARE