Tire Bright provides high UV protection and blocks out sun rays which will dry, crack, dull, harden, and fade materials like vinyl, leather, rubber, wood, and plastics. Tire Bright’s solvent base repels water spray and spotting for a longer lasting shine. It restores that original factory shine.


Tire Bright provides a rich, dark finish on tires. Dries very quickly and will not attract dirt or dust.


Key Features:

  • Non-sling formula
  • Dries evenly, leaving a high gloss shine
  • Pleasant vanilla scent
  • Body-shop safe

Tire Bright : Solvent-based tire dressing

SKU: 1865
  • Tire Bright is easy to use. Apply with cloth or sponge directly to clean dry surface. For best results, preclean surface thouroughly before applying. Do not apply to steering wheel, fan belts, brake pads, pedals, or any items that should not become slippery. Ideal for use on: rubber tires, black bumpers, door seals, side moldings, floor mats, etc. This product can also be sprayed on cold engines and water hoses to brighten the engine compartment. When sprayed on, drips and runs will disappear as solvent dries. Excess spray can be removed with glass cleaner.