Mighty Pink is a special blend of high foaming detergent agents and special acidic compounds which will effectively and dramatically improve the exterior appearance of passenger vehicles when used according to label directions. It was formulated for use as a replacement to “show foam” products that are commonly used in professional car wash tunnel operations. Mighty Pink provides the additional benefit of removing all acid soluble soils resulting in a dramatically cleaner surface, increased vehicle shine and brighter chrome and glass surfaces. These soils are typically not removed by standard alkaline formulations.


Key Features:

  • Very high foaming
  • Highly concentrated
  • Cleans all acid soluble soils and oxides
  • Brightens chrome and glass surfaces

Mighty Pink- Low pH Vehicle Cleaner

SKU: 1845
  • Mighty Pink must be diluted with water prior to use. Operator should adjust dilution rate until desired foam level and optimal cleaning results are achieved. Dilutions will vary from 1 part Mighty Pink to 50 parts water, up to 1 part Mighty Pink to 125 parts water. Recommended dilution starting point is 1 part Mighty Pink to 75 parts water.