Natural biological enzyme producing cultures with odor counteractants.

Enzymatic containts a selection of specialized, natural live bacteria strains that will digest and degrade both human and animal waste matter with safe, biological action. This biologically active deodorant also contains a powerful odor conteractant which destroys mal-odors at their source. Enzymatic will clean more effectively than ordinary cleaning products and reduce your need for hazardous chemicals such as acids, caustic, and bleach. This advanced, penetrating formula works exceptionally well on: milk, urine, vomit, coffee, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, and odors caused from mold exposure. (Mold source must first be treated). Enzymatic is also great for bus, Rv, and marine holding tanks. Greatly enhances the performance of these waste systems. 

Enzymatic - Live enzyme deodorizer

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  • Physically remove as much of the source of the odor as possible. Follow this by applying product directly on the source of odor. First, test on inconspicious locations for compatibility. 

    For spraying on fabrics and interiors: Dilute 10:1

    For mopping: Use 4-6 ounces per gallon of water

    For general restroom cleaning: Dilute 10:1

    For bus, Rv, and marine holding tanks: Add 2oz per gallon of water