Blackout represents the newest technology in vehicle detergent formula. It brings new efficiency, new economy, and new cleaning brilliance to the maintenance of cars, buses, semis, panel trucks, aircraft equipment, and other heavy duty road vehicles. Special ingredients hold soil in suspension so it won’t settle out on the surface before the job is finished and leave a film. It cuts through exterior grime and road film without dulling the finish and that’s only the beginning of its many cost-efficient advantages.


Key Features:

  • Floats off road film, black streaks, and soils
  • Safe for exposed decals, Lexan, & Plexiglass
  • Corrision inhibitor- protects metal surfaces
  • 100% Biodegradable

Blackout- Black Streak Remover

SKU: 1855
  • Use Blackout through all types of mechanical cleaning devices. Superior results will be attained when used through pressure washers, tunnel washers, and steam cleaners. The following is a guide for dilution ratios:

    Heavy Soil - 20:1

    Medium Soil - 30:1

    Light Soil - 40:1