Deep cleaner, no haze. Alpha Grit is a superior compound. Tiny gritty particles break down to produce a deep luster on fresh paint or old. Preferred by many body shops, Alpha Grit is fast, effective and clean. Removes deep scratches in one pass without hazing.


Key Features:

  • Body shop safe / silicone free
  • State of the art abrasives designed to break down in use
  • Less dust and sling
  • Will not stick on undesired surfaces
  • Easy cleanup
  • Pleasant banana scent

Alpha Grit- HD compound

SKU: 4246
    1. Apply to one section at a time. Use a 100% twisted wool pad, or a compounding foam pad. Do not use in direct sunlight or on hot surface.
    2. Work in Alpha Grit using an even pressure at a buffer speed of 2000 rpm. Keep the pad flat on the surface. Continue buffing until the grittiness is gone and fine polishing begins to occur.
    3. Buff lightly as the finish brightens and begins to dry. Do not use the same pad for follow-up polishing.