Alpha Coat ™ provides high UV protection and blocks out sun rays which will dry, crack, dull, harden, and fade materials like rubber, vinyl, and plastics. Alpha Coat's solvent base repels water spray and spotting for a longer lasting shine. It restores that original factory shine. Alpha Coat™ provides a rich, dark finish on tires.

Dries very quickly and will not attract dirt or dust. Alpha Coat ™ is extremely durable and will hold up to the harshest of elements. Phosphate-free, NPE free. Ready to use. 

Alpha Coat - Solvent Tire Dressing

  • For optimum results, preclean surface thoroughly. Apply with cloth, sponge or spray directly onto clean, dry surface. Spray a light coat of Aqua Glo™, then remove excess with a clean, damp cloth. Luster and nonsoiling properties may be increased by applying additional coats of this product and buffing after each coat.