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Ardex Laboratories is one of the World's premier manufacturers of Professional Reconditioning Chemical Products. Enriched by a long heritage of innovation and achievement, this third-generation family business was founded in 1950 by Aaron Joseph Goldman (1908-1990). Aaron's vision was one of fairness and honesty with employees as well as customers, both large and small. He cared about his customers and they knew it. His ingenious formulating ability coupled with years of hands-on development enabled him to build an enterprise we serviced. This vision and this way of doing business enabled Ardex to grow beyond the local enterprise that it used to be. Ardex products are now sold in every state in the union and many countries around the world. 

The vision of its founder remains unchanged. 
The quality of its products remains unmatched.

Gross Supply is proud to carry a comprehensive line of Ardex Labs detailing products. We have hand-picked a collection of some of the most popular and unique Ardex products.